Lora null


After graduating from Texas Tech, Lora Null relocated from her hometown of Lubbock to embark on her latest adventure in Austin, Texas.  Known worldwide for its diverse array of cuisine, culture, and music, Austin was the perfect place for her to begin honing her event-planning craft and create a name for herself.  Lora hit the ground running and has managed weddings and events for distinguished companies such as High Beam, Red Velvet Events, Whole Foods and Speakeasy, which have all helped pave the way for her most recent venture at Peach!  In 2016, Lora joined the Peached Tortilla team and has performed an integral role in the successful opening of their new venue, Peached Social House.  In her spare time, Lora can be found sipping margaritas by the pool, cooking, concocting variations of cocktails for friends, or catching a show at Greune Hall. 


Eric Silverstein


The Peached Tortilla and Peached Social House were founded by Eric Silverstein, a former litigator who decided to pursue a different career path and marry his passions of food and business. Eric was born in Tokyo, Japan, where he was heavily influenced by Japanese, Chinese and Malaysian cuisine. At the age of ten, Eric moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he was introduced to traditional Southern cuisine. These divergent flavors and cuisines serve as the backdrop for The Peached Tortilla's menu. In 2012, Restaurant Hospitality recognized Eric as one of the new “Stars of Street Food.” He is featured on the Chefsfeed App for Austin, TX and was recently named one of the top 30 Up and Coming Chefs in America by Plate Magazine.